The 3rd Vinmec International Conference on Gene and Cell Therapy (VCGT 2019)


The 3rd Vinmec International Conference on Gene and Cell Therapy (VCGT 2019)

Following the success of the first two years (VCGT 2017 & VCGT 2018), this year, on October 31 2019, the 3rd International Conference on Gene and Cell Therapy (VCGT 2019) with the topic "Gene and cell therapy: from dreams to reality" took place successfully. It is very wonderful with the presence of domestic and international professional speakers as well as the participation of researchers, doctors, lecturers and students of universities throughout the country. VCGT 2019 focused on the application of stem cells, immune cells and gene therapy in the treatment of diseases.  In addition, researches related to induced pluripotent stem cells, methods of diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer are also mentioned.

Picture 1: Backdrop at VCGT 2019

In addition, it is indispensable to the organizers and sponsors to accompany this conference. BIOGROUP VIETNAM CO., LTD is pleased to contribute to the success of the Conference as a sponsor during the 2 consecutive years of the conference (VCGT 2018 & VCGT 2019). We are confident to bring comprehensive solutions in stem cell processing, storage and stem cells therapy thanks to the high technology of Thermogenesis-USA with automatic devices compliant to FDA, cGMP and cGTP as well as FDA-approved cryopreservation chemicals and stem cell culture medium of Protide Pharmaceuticals - USA, STEMCELL Technologies - Canada.

Some photos of the VCGT 2019:

Picture 2: Biogroup's exhibition booth at VCGT 2019

Picture 3:  Biogroup team member

Picture 4: Biogroup's Technical Manager are presenting about X-Lab system for customers